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Board of Elders

The Charge as Elders is to ensure proper conduct of all spiritual activities of Trinity congregation and to encourage the spiritual growth of its members by participation in them, with particular attention to divine worship services.

Each Elder serves to minister to the needs of assigned members, they may be contacted by any member for support. Each Elder works under the supervision of the Head Elder and the Called Pastor.

Trinity Lutheran Church Elders
Mark Waltz, Head Elder, (C-E)
(912) 429-5170 or

Mike Fajen (K – Mc)
(912) 236-3128 or

Todd Freesemann (F - J)
(912) 658-5775 or

Sonny Massey (A - B)
(912) 944-7638 or

Bob Reynolds (Me-Sa)
(478) 808-1970 or

Tom Wayman (Sc - Z)
(912) 604-5241 or

Or contact the Church Office at (912) 925-4839